Living Rooms

by Elder Sister Plum

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A collection of recordings made in various living rooms, in different times and different places.


released June 24, 2016

All sounds made by: Elder Sister Plum
Mixed by: Tanya Semple
Photography by: Vic Horvath

Tracks 1 and 3 written by: Elder Sister Plum (SOCAN)
Track 2 written by: Leslie Feist
Track 4 written by: Shovels & Rope (Michael Trent & Carol Ann Hearst)



all rights reserved


Elder Sister Plum Victoria, British Columbia

Elder Sister Plum's tunes go down smooth like a good whisky. Her swashbuckling folk lullabies and musical ghost stories provide a treat for every listener. Elder Sister Plum is currently living in Victoria, BC where she recently released her fifth album, At The Edge Of The Woods. ... more

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Track Name: No Good Gambler
Been waiting on a promise
Feels more and more like a bet
They say there’s light at the end
Of this tunnel yet

But my nails are getting shorter
And my stomach’s getting small
I feel tired all the time
And now my hair’s falling out

“Go get dressed
And get yourself outside
Eat a proper meal
And get some exercise”

Well that all sounds great
But it’s easier said than done
That’s an awful lot of steps
And i’m stuck at the first one

I swear if you let me
I could sleep all day
But I guess I gotta eat some time
And there’s bills to pay

So I slap on a smile
And I serve the masses coffee
Wondering, if I walked out
Would anyone even stop me

Been called heartbreaker
A time or two
Truth is i’m just lonely
With no idea what to do

So I reach out for the warmth
Of a body next to mine
And as soon as I feel something
Then I go back inside

I wouldn’t go as far as saying
That I want what I can’t have
But I would say I am fickle
Yeah, i’d go as far as that

The sun is bright
And too hot on my skin
Ya see, I burn like paper
And I smoke like sin

And I drink like a fish
Who’s been stuck up on shore
It makes me feel like shit
But I always go back for more

I’m sure you said you love me
But I barely heard the words
I was thinking about flying
With the pollen and the birds

See, every day’s a gamble
And my luck is running dry
And my voice is starting to break
From this ‘ol battle cry

I played my cards as best
As any honest player could
I never was no good at bluffing
No I never was no good

No I never was no good
No I never was no good
Track Name: Cicadas and Gulls
Cicadas and gulls
They scrape on the hull
The land and the sea
They're distant from me

I'm in the sky, sky, sky
I'm in the sky

Thoughts are like pearls
And flags are unfurled
When we're in the dark
I'll ride you like the ark

Because you're mine, mine, mine
Because you're mine

Maps can be poems
When you're on your own
And distance is braille
And all that entails

I'm in the sky, sky, sky
I'm in the sky
I'm in the sky

Empty as a page
As high as a stage
As full as a room
When we're in the spoon
Track Name: Is This It
Sitting here, sitting here with my treasure
Sitting here, with my empty bed
Waiting here for something to clear my head
And if you know what’s good for you

If you know where to draw the line
Then you don’t need me tonight

Sometimes I, I can hear the moon
And sometimes she, she can hear me
And sometimes I can hear your heartbeat
But when I go to speak I don’t

Yeah when I go to speak I choke

Well who are you to size me up
When I’m lower than the ground
Yeah when I’m thrown out to
The hounds

Is this it
Is this it

I hope you’re ok
I think I might be
But it gets hard to tell
Because I still don’t eat

I still don’t really sleep
Can I be ok
Like this
Track Name: Lay Low
Well i probably should be
Drug out to sea
Where I can't hurt no one
And no one can hurt me

At least I'd be free
And probably I'd see
What caused me to be
So detached completely

Jumping a rope
Through a thick cloud of smoke
Fumbling through all
Of the letters and the notes
The ones that you wrote

Did they keep me afloat
Or just wrap 'round my throat
l Like a noose on a rope
Probably both

So lay low baby
I won't be back anytime soon
If it gets too lonely
I will follow you 'round in this tune

I don't know what to do
What I'd do if I knew
But we go through our day
And get by and get through

But my heart is with you
You probably knew
Your love is like glue

So lay low baby
I won't be back anytime soon
If it gets too lonely
I will follow you 'round in this tune

Oooooo ......... Oooooo

So lay low baby
Just for a little while more
If you can't keep waiting
I will find my way back to your door